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2017-08-01 21:32:09

X9 500 evolution sockets

Hi all, new member here. I just bought a used X9 500 a few days ago, and i just found some plugs/sockets/something :) on the left side, right next to the foot rest; can anyone tell me what they are for? Thanks in advance :)

2017-08-01 22:31:41

Boot heaters? lol

Sorry. I've recently bought a 250 X-9 and I am pretty much puzzled by it too. I've never had a scooter before.

It is damn good fun though and makes a perfect urban runaround.


2017-08-01 22:56:14

Or maybe that's where we fill the air condition with gas? :)

I've only had "real" motorcycles until now, but this thing impressed me so much I just had to buy it.... all of my friends driving KLE's, Africa twins, Pegaso's.... none of them can keep up with me

2017-08-02 19:45:12

dfitnic: I have a friend who loves scooters and is always saying how good they are. I've not previously been convinced but I am enjoying plodding around town on the thing at the moment.

He had a Burgman 650 and was seriously quick on the thing.

2017-08-02 20:15:21


Burgman looks great, but it's a bit too expensive IMHO...I wouldn't give that much for it

Back on topic - a friend told me that these mistery plugs are used for accessories, and that they're probably a charging socket of some sort....I'll stop by a garage next week and see what they know about them