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2015 BV 350ST Spark Plugs & Caps

Forum Tech corner 2015 BV 350ST Spark Plugs & Caps

2017-04-04 16:56:06

I have been reading of all the problems and faults with spark plugs & caps and electrical gremlins on the BV 350ST scooter. I am used to Honda and Triumph motorcycles, so these reliability issues are new to me.

I haven't had any problems, yet, but I thought that I would buy a spare set of plugs, plug caps & HT lead, before I go to France, for a long weekend, at the end of the month (already had a service, but without a plug change.) I took the RH inspection cover off and noted the following part nos.

1) Plug - NGK CR7EKB

2) Plug Cap - NGK LE05EZA

3) Plug Cap Protector - Piaggio 642621

I cannot find the Plug Cap in the UK NGK catalogue, but it appears to be a US part no. The cap is red, 7mm HT lead fitting, 5k ohm and suitable for a spark plug with a screw on nipple. I am thinking of buying an NGK LB05E - part no. 8898 or 8031. It appears that the protector sleeve is supplied with the cap. The recommended Plug is CR8EKB or CR8EIX (all spare part suppliers quote for these as being the correct fitment.)

I have previously owned Italian scooters - 1950s Lambretta LD125 & 1965 Lambretta TV175, but nothing "modern." I will be very grateful for any advice on what parts I should buy. Regards, daveh.

2017-05-07 20:11:18

I had a service carried out on the BV 350ST before I went to France and the dealer fitted an NGK CR8EKB Plug. I bought some NGK CR8EIX Plugs & LB05E Caps, as spares, to take with me. Needless to say, I didn't have a problem over my 800 mile trip. 65mpg average and only managed to get 5 litres in when the yellow Low Fuel Light came on - the Tank supposedly holds around 12 litres, so plenty of reserve!