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2017-03-30 19:57:57 Codecard missing

nl2rma: Hi Roy - so, you have bought it then? Or just waiting for the cheque to clear? We found that the 500cc Piaggio Scooters were too heavy, (ankles, knees & back not strong enough, now) so we went for a Beverly 350ST. I looked on various websites & Forums, to find out the weaknesses of the m/c, before the money was handed over, and it is amazing how helpful everyone is. The dealer gives a "Lifetime Warranty" with all s/h bikes (as long as you have it serviced & MOT'd there) but not some makes (Piaggio is one.) I can see their point of view when I read the problems that Piaggio owners have, on the various Forums. Take care out there. Regards, David.

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