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2017-04-12 17:22:10 Start-problem

Hi Chris - sorry to hear of your MP3 problem. Unfortunately, there are lots of checks to do, but..........

If it was running ok a week or so ago, and if there haven't been any new loud bangs or noises, fire, nasty burning smells or smoke, then I would say that it is some electrical open circuit - especially as you say only the brake light goes on.

There could be a bad contact or wire loose on the ignition switch. If the fuses are ok then it may be a wire loose or wire terminal broken or corroded. Have you checked that there is 12 volts present at each fuse +ve terminal?

Do you have a side stand? - check that the safety switch is working correctly. Is there a safety switch on the main stand? - check that it is working correctly.

Do the ignition, ABS, other warning lights come on when the ignition key is turned? - Or is it a contactless card system (check the battery in the key fob - assuming that there is one)?

Does the starter motor turn (or is there just a clicking sound? - battery may be flat or dead, so charge or replace it) when the start button is pressed?

Look at the Wiring Diagram for your m/c and check the circuit from the battery to the brake light, to see where the wiring goes to, or from, other circuits. You may find that there is a loose wire or broken terminal at one of the many spurs and junctions where wires take power to other components.

Assuming that the engine turns over,you have lots to check. Power to the electronic ignition, ECU and fuel injection. Spark at the spark plug. Fuel filter clean, fuel pipe system clear and fuel pump working.

Lots of things to check, but I would check the easy to access parts first, before I started to take panels off and strip parts.

As I am not there looking at the scooter, there is not much more I can do, unfortunately. There will be someone on the Forum who is much more experienced with your machine.

I look forward to reading your solution.

Regards daveh

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